How To Win The Pick 3 Lottery

Yes, Pick 3 is much easier to win. But it is not a lottery game.

You might as easily be spending your money on a slot machine.

Pick 3 games offer the most rewarding experience, with a typically small win of $500.

This is the big win!

The lower tier prizes like a free game or $50 are still available to keep you playing…

What happens to small wins? They’re so small they just return to the machine.

Pick 3 doesn’t really win.

Pick 3 Lottery is a lottery where you can win nothing.

Pick 3 is a fun game. Playing Pick 3 for the jackpot is a bad idea.

Many players see the lottery as a way to get a big win. The chance to win the ultimate life-changing prize.

This is why you won’t be able to play Pick 3 types of games.

All you have to do is win 3 times every time.

Don’t be deceived by these people. Pick 3 consistently enough to make a profit or income from it is impossible for anyone to win.

People love to claim it, particularly if they want you to buy a system. It may be that they even have evidence in the short term to make it appear like they did. This evidence never holds up to any scrutiny. I’ve been there.

There’s only one sure way to win pick 3, which is to buy all the combinations.

Of course, it’s not going make any profit.

What can you do to make this happen?

Pick 3 is a great way to win. You should stop playing it, and instead choose a better lottery game.

[They won’t advise you not to do this at the lottery counter of those rubbishy Pick 3 lotteries either]

Pick 5 or 6 is not the only game you can play. They offer life-altering jackpots every week. These games also offer many smaller prizes.

While the odds are not as good as Pick 3 for smaller prizes of similar value, they will still be fair.

However, what you really get is the chance of winning larger prizes at no extra cost.

The right game can mean the difference between winning & losing

A wise decision about which game you want to play is the most important thing any lottery player can do.

How do you choose which game is best?

Get my free lottery tips & tricks. I’ll show how to do it and provide examples.

Do not just choose the most attractive or highest-paying lottery ticket. That doesn’t make it the best.