How to Pick Lottery Numbers and Strategy

How to choose Lottery Numbers & Strategy
You should be aware of the following rules and guidelines before you buy Florida lottery tickets. These steps will enable you to pick numbers efficiently and greatly increase your chances of winning the huge jackpot. (We would appreciate any ideas or tips regarding picking lotto numbers.

Avoid choosing combinations that were drawn before.
— We found that repeating combinations are very unlikely to occur again based on our study. For the second time, it will take more than 3,000 years for six of the same numbers to appear.

You shouldn’t pick extreme numbers
One example of extreme numbers would be 01–02–03–04–05–006. This combination is not likely to occur. According to our research, six extreme numbers never occurred in Florida lotto history.

Use mathematical arithmetic notation
You can use arithmetic to multiply numbers, such as multiplying 3 numbers by 3, or adding 10 numbers together, like 02–12–22–32–42–52.

Don’t select all numbers from one group.
Florida lotto 6/53 has numbers divided into groups like 1–9, 10–19 or 20–29. Don’t select all numbers from one category.

You shouldn’t pick all odd or even number
Based on the history Florida lottery winning numbers, all 6 numbers (or 6 even) are not very common.

Choose high-low pattern or choose between them
— Most winning numbers can be found across the entire number range. In normal circumstances, this number field will be split in half. The low half is between 1–26 and the high is between 27–53. It is rare to draw all the high or all the low numbers. The best patterns are 2/4 and 3/3. Or 4/2. We pick 2 low numbers, 4 high numbers, and then 4 in the case 2/4. These three patterns are found more than 80 percent of the time.

Use numbers from different groupings to choose your numbers
— Many of the previous winning numbers spread across several groups. Sometimes one or more numbers are missing. As an example, on the 2013–06–15 winning numbers 03–16–19–20, 32–52, there was no number starting at 40. Studying past winning numbers can help you determine which group should be omitted and which group should be given extra attention.

Choose any odd-shaped pattern
— Odd or even numbers are very rare and occur less than 1 percent of the time, as we have said before. The best mix of numbers is 2, 4, 2, or 3, which means that in the case with 3/3, you should choose 3 even numbers as well as 3 odd numbers. These three patterns were found with 82% probability in all drawings.

Pick numbers that are close to previous winning numbers
For example, 15 is the most likely number to be drawn if it was struck in the last drawing. Because 80 percent of the drawings have occurred, it’s practical to pick adjacent number. For example, 2013–05–29 was a good example. The winning number is 04–36–42–47–447–52. Next drawing is 2013–06–01 and it is 05–15 29–35–40 47. We can also see 04–05, 36–335, 48–47.

Take the winning numbers from previous years and add them up
Our research shows that 110 to 210 are the winning numbers. For Florida Lotto 2012–02–01–12 (100 draws), 89% is within the 110 to210 range. Only 5 % is smaller than 110 and 6 % is greater than 210. There is little chance of winning the 03–05–11–19–25–25–35 combination. The range of 140 to 200 is the best practical combination, with almost 70% of combinations falling within this range.

Repeat numbers from previous winning numbers
— Our research shows that certain numbers of the previous three winning numbers often appear again and again. In this example, between 2013–05–18 and 2013–07–18, we see 01, 333, 40, 46, as well as 47 appearing repeatedly.

Our Repeated Drawing Number Patterns are a great option!
— To remove numbers from the previous drawing, use Number Analyzer’s Repeated Drawn number Patterns. This function will reduce picking numbers and increase the odds.

Use our AC Value Calculator
Using our AC Value Calculator will make it easier to choose the best number combinations.